Monday, October 25, 2010

Campaign update #21


After collecting about 3,000 signatures, the anti-term limits petition drive that inspired the creation of this pro-term limits website and the Keep West Palm Beach Term Limits Committee has called it quits. Organizers say it is too late to get their amendment on the ballot in time and money is running short.

For the record, the Keep West Palm Beach Term Limits Committee recognizes the right of Mayor Lois Frankel's Committee for Continuing Progress to utilize the citizen initiative process to suggest changes to the city charter. In fact, on this site we deplored underhanded efforts to circumvent this valuable process.

We too would like to close up shop, but we are prevented by a significant loose end: the mayor refuses to concede that she is not running for mayor in 2012.

Clearly, somehow, West Palm Beach's 8-year mayoral term limits are still at risk. But how?

We don't know. The 8-year term limits law would have to be overturned before the qualifying date for the mayoral elections, in mid-January. The people wouldn't overturn it and the city commission wouldn't overturn it. Clearly, the mayor -- a lawyer -- believes at the last minute a court might. Will she sue the city? Stay tuned.



The Palm Beach Post has done a good job of following this story from the beginning. Here's another discovery of theirs worth relating.

The Post took a look at the finances of the anti-term limits petition drive and found that of the $13,900 raised, $10,000 came from two sources: Fanjul sugar interests and the mysterious Evelyn V Foundation, an apparently fictional outfit using the address of the Akerman Senterfitt law firm on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.

Other contributors included a few of the petition drive's committee and marina developer David Chase.

Here's the full list of anti-term limits contributors:

Agro-Industrial Management (Fanjul) -- $5,000
"Evelyne V Foundation" -- $5,000
William Watson -- $1,000
Clarence Anthony -- $500
Gordon and Donor Law -- $500
Burcon Investments -- $500
David and Cheryl Chase -- $1,000
Peter Camacho -- $200
Katherine Waldron -- $200