Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Campaign update #18


According to a new national poll, 78 percent of Americans -- including 74 percent of Mayor Frankel's party -- support term limits on the U.S. Congress. The people's enthusiasm for rotation in office appears undimmed.

Of course, one might object that this does not say anything directly about mayoral term limits in West Palm Beach. But another new poll definitely does.

Recall that in New York City, a headstrong mayor who wanted a third term in spite of voter-approved 8-year term limits ignored the results of two popular referenda and had the New York City commission change the law to permit three terms. The uproar nearly cost Mayor Michael Bloomberg the next election, in spite of his incumbency and his billions. His approval ratings, once high, have never recovered.

Now, a new New York City poll shows 73 percent of New Yorkers plan on voting in November to reestablish (for the third time!) 8-year term limits.

Even Mayor Bloomberg seems to be showing remorse. While largely quiet about the issue, when pressed he did tell CBS News that changing the law to benefit a public official is wrong.

"No matter where you come out on it, you should decide what is best for the city, not what is best for any particular official," Bloomberg said.